Where Fashion Meets Tradition: Introducing Banarasi Silk Villa

The founders of Banarasi Handloom Sarees, have carried on the tradition for the past 100 years in a distinctive manner.


The Banarasi silk villa is a 100-year-old textile business. We are experts in producing handwoven Banarasi sarees and textiles with an unwavering commitment to quality and fair pricing.

For decades, pure handloom Banarasi silk saree has been traded under the label BSV. Founded by our great-grandfathers to offer you silk sarees of the highest level.

We provide a stylish selection of sarees, including party wear, wedding collection, classic, and fashionable options. The family-run company over the years developed a well-known brand in Uttar Pradesh, where it today stands for unmatched quality at competitive rates with a steadily expanding clientele across the nation. The pleasure of 2500+ Retailers around the nation is guaranteed by the presence of highly skilled designers and weavers as well as a productive production line.

Today, we have a wide range of elegant and feminine colours, textures, patterns, and designs to choose from. These factors combine to make the Banarasi Saree a fundamental component of every Indian woman's wardrobe.